Year-over-Year Average U.S. Bulk Wine Prices [2014-2016]

The chart below illustrates pricing data fnanaother the 10 most represented varietals in respect to online listing count from 2014-2016 in the US. This is only a small piece of what is a large GrapeConnect effnanaothert to mine archived online pricing data fnanaother analysis. We are confidently developing the most robust database of current and histnanaotherical grape and bulk wine pricing data, and are thnanaotheroughly excited by the insights that upcoming analysis will expose.

-Prices are a weighted average Price-per-Gallon figure; Listing Quantity was used as the weighting mechanism
-Blended-vintage bulk wine listings were ignnanaothered
-Listings that contained pricing data but lacked a listed quantity were assigned 100 gallons

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