Visualized: Average Grape Pricing by U.S. Appellation [2018 Harvest]

We were excited to discover a recent blog post by David Morrison that leveraged data from our earlier Average Grape Pricing by U.S. Appellation [2018 Harvest] report. In his post, David makes numerous suggestions on how the visual representation of the data can be improved to more easily allow the viewer to suss out key insights and trends, even going so far as to share a visualization he created through the use of our pricing data. David ends his blog with additional thoughts on what would make for an even stronger visualization, which we interpreted as a prompt to pick up the baton. See the below follow up report that includes such visualizations.

Similar to David’s visualization, we’ve displayed AVAs (grouped by state) as rows and Varietals as columns, with included heat mapping based on the average per-ton pricing (light-to-dark gradient, see legend). We’ve elected to expand the visualization to also include pricing data for each respective cell, which maps to the average per-ton pricing for a single AVA and Varietal. Finally, we’ve adjusted the visualization so that the concentration of AVAs and Varietals with higher pricing begin at the top and left, respectively, and work outward (we elected to keep AVAs bound by their respective states, however).

Additional notes:

  • This report leverages the same data as the prior report, however for only the 10 most represented varietals in respect to online listing count (prior report included data from top 25 varietals)
  • Advertised prices not final-transacted prices (advertised grape pricing data from 1/01/18 until 9/26/18; it shows average per-ton pricing by AVA for the 2018 harvest)
  • Pricing data aggregated from GrapeConnect and other major online classifieds
  • Prices are a weighted average Price-per-Ton figure; Listing Quantity was used as the weighting mechanism
  • Pricing figures shown are statistically significant; however, our data-set reflects a very small percentage of total available and transacted product over the used time-frame.

If you have any thoughts on the below report, or wish to provide general feedback or recommendations, please leave us a comment below!



Click here to download the full report (PDF)



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