Seller Tips for Successful Deals

By Lara WhiteleyGrapeConnect Contributor


The GrapeConnect platform boasts many features that allow for a direct way of moving bulk wine product. The tips outlined are based on common habits that GrapeConnect’s most effective sellers utilize to ensure successful transactions.

Listings – Bulk Wine, Shiners, or Grapes
  • Details – Let us say for example that you have two options for lunch – a sandwich with meat and cheese OR two slices of Sicilian sesame bread packed with olives, deliciously cured meats, fresh mozzarella, and the dreamiest of provolone?? Regardless of what pleases your taste buds, the point is the more details the better. As a seller, you can include any detail you could think of in an organized fashion versus crafting one monotonous paragraph – not to mention the ability to attach photos or even lab reports! Successful sellers include more information minimizing the initial back and forth leading straight to negotiations, offers, and logistics.

Example of a detailed bulk wine listing

  • Minimum Order Quantity – This requirement on listings is not some arbitrary factoid used to increase screen clutter but rather a powerful tool in funneling serious buyers toward your listings. This tool in your arsenal acts as the first checkpoint for vetting buyersconcentrating the number of sample requests you receive. What remains are those buyers willing to purchase the minimum amount you are willing to coordinate. Regardless of the amount, ensure this figure aligns with what you would consider worthwhile of your time and efforts. 

Example of a sample request.

  • Concierge Upload – We understand how busy the day-to-day can become particularly in the wine industry. For those moments where the wineglass quite literally is running over, rely on the GrapeConnect support team! They aren’t there to just twiddle thumbs and craft wordy blog posts. When the hours are running lean in a day, a GrapeConnect seller always has the option to simply send over necessary listing information in whatever form is easiest or populate this spreadsheet. The support team will take that information and get your listings live in basically no time! P.S. – don’t forget that minimum order quantity! 
Sample Requests
  • Sample Shipping Label – Good intentions, confusion, dismay – oh my! It seemingly never fails that there tends to be some confusion when receiving multiple samples from different producers. Our heads hurt just typing that sentence! To avoid this disarray, a segment of successful GrapeConnect sellers utilize the shipping label that can be downloaded on each sample request. In fact, this could even be printed as an adhesive label and applied directly to sample bottles if one so desired. Hoorah!

Location of downloadable shipping label.

  • Tracking Information – Another successful seller tactic to cut down on sample confusion is the supply of tracking information. This basic gesture provides security to you, the seller, as well as a method of ease to the buyer. Considering shipments of alcohol must be signed for, this information allows for schedule preplanning as well as the ability to track a sample down if it has ended up perhaps to the warehouse versus the tasting room or vice versa. Regardless of the given scenario, this tactic has proven to expedite the sampling process thus streamlining to the negotiation phase. 
Negotiating Deals
  • Sample Request Updates – A common trait of well-paced, successful deals are those that have both parties updated throughout the process. The platform allows status updates with a click of a button through personal email clients or the platform itself. This also allows GrapeConnect admin to step in if negotiations seem to be falling off the tracks based on non-updated sample requests. Successful sellers couple these updates with messages to provide the buyer additional details as they are needed. Between the platform and the GrapeConnect support team, it is almost as if there is an additional person on your staff.

An example of an in-progress status update.

  • Attach Files – I think we can all speak to the time wasted fishing through seemingly never-ending email threads. The ability to attach files directly to a message on the platform keeps everything related to the negotiation in one location as well as focuses the lines of communication. Sellers have reported using this element for anything from lab test results to photos of shipping totes to invoices. For further information on platform communication, watch this video located in our Help Center

An example of a message with a file attached.

  • Support Team  Similarly as with concierge uploads of listings, the GrapeConnect support team is here to help each step of the way. Say for example you are mid-harvest with multiple bulk wine listings on the platform anxiously awaiting your approval. A swift mid-field text or phone call can get your sample requests approved or updated how you see fit. Simply ask us for some help! Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone. 

To conclude, platform success can be traced to utilizing as many available tools as possible. Do you have other ways you utilize the platform to your advantage? Let us know about it! Email us at 

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