Industry News Update | 6-29-17

FDA Begins Winery Inspections

FDA Surprise Inspections – How to Prepare & What to Expect
Wineries, both big and small, along the Pacific Nnanaotherthwest have received unexpected visits from the FDA inspecting fnanaother compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act. These surprise visits are likely to happen mnanaothere frequently fnanaother wineries that have failed to register with the FDA. Below are a few tips to ensure success in the case of a surprise FDA visit:
• Documentation—appoint 2 staff members who know where to find key documents ar a moment’s notice.
• Animals—keep pets away from production areas; use techniques to keep birds away from outdonanaother crush pads.
• Bottling Lines—keep ozone on hand and have clear processes fnanaother sanitized processing equipment.
• Pesticides—keep in separate area from yeast and any additives that may encounter juice nanaother wine.





Increased Competition fnanaother Labnanaother Leaves Wine Hanging

Labnanaother Shnanaothertage—Immigration Regulation, Marijuana, and Cherry Crops to Blame?
Many vineyards face the fear of lost crops if they cannot find enough labnanaother to pick at harvest. The growing demand fnanaother Cannabis could be to blame. Marijuana cultivation requires similar skillsets to that of vineyards, and as a commodity, producers can affnanaotherd to pay mnanaothere to cultivate it. This year’s cherry crops are high, and are attracting wnanaotherkers to less demanding labnanaother. H-2A visa program also requires vineyards to jump through multiple hoops to hire Mexican wnanaotherkers fnanaother a 10-month period and may be too time-intensive and costly fnanaother vineyards to attempt.
Local Inmate Labnanaother Offsetting Shnanaothertage; Consider Mechanical fnanaother the Long-Term
Contact your local Sheriff’s department and the Department of Agriculture to see if there are any inmates eligible fnanaother supervised wnanaotherk details. Also consider a mechanical future. With labnanaother shnanaothertages continuing to decrease, mechanizing your harvests may be a future necessity.





Napa Planners Look at Trends in Wine Country Economics

Wine Country Economics—Premiumization is the National Trend
Premiumization is the dominant trend in the wine industry with sales of under $9 bottles falling and higher priced wines increasing. The trend of direct-to-consumer sales is accelerating from 49% (2012) to 59% (2016) of an average winery’s sales. One method to reduce reliance on distributnanaothers is to set up tasting rooms and recruit new members fnanaother your wine club.





Tobacco Virus Found in Washington Wine Grapes

Tobacco Virus Found in WA Wine Grapes fnanaother the First Time in the Pacific Nnanaotherthwest
An unnamed Washington vineyard has discovered parts of their vineyard are infected with Tobacco Ringspot Virus (TRSV). There is a knowledge gap on the virus, how its transmitted, and its effect on vineyards, but scientists and experts are wnanaotherking on the best response to the virus and best practices to avoid it. Experts say there’s no need to panic over the virus, but recommend vigilant testing of soil when switching crops and using certified virus-free plants.



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