Simply put, we are a transparent and secure, end-to-end, wine-grape, juice, and bulk wine exchange.
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We call Atlanta, GA home. It’s not wine-country, to say the least, but the intimate network of winemakers and grapegrowers a few hours north in the GA mountains are who inspired us to improve the buying & selling of wine-grapes!
Yes! We are absolutely free to use. The clear exceptions are processing fees if you elect to pay with PayPal (we’re not getting any of that!). Additionally, we will be releasing a Premium version soon with added features, but our current functionality will always be free!

The Marketplace

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Fill out info in the REGISTER box (*NOT ‘Login’ box)
Step 3: Make sure to agree to our T&Cs, as well as complete the ‘Captcha’ security feature by checking “I am not a robot” and completing necessary test, if needed.
Step 4: Click the ‘Register’ button
Yup! If you are a buyer, you can easily register prior to, or during, the deal-proposal process. If you are a seller, you must register prior to listing. Register at
Yes. Though there is always a degree of risk present for any of our information on the internet, our website is fully encrypted with the highest level of SSL (Secured Socket Layer) protection. Additionally, we perform daily data backups to prevent the loss of your vitally important information!
Once a buyer and seller have initiated a deal, the seller has the ability to issue invoices. The invoices have 3 different payment options: 1) Check, 2) Wire Transfer, or 3) PayPal. PayPal is the only payment form that actually happens online; with both Check and Wire transfer, the seller’s information is provided (i.e. bank account and routing number) and the buyer completes the transaction off of GrapeConnect. However, the buyer inputs key confirmation info from the transaction into the invoice tool, which then closes out the invoice in GrapeConnect.
We are not an arbiter in disputes. We never take possession of any funds and are not liable in the disagreement between buyer and seller. Please see our terms and conditions to learn more.


Nope! The only payments that would take place are directly between you and the seller once you both have agreed upon the deal parameters and the seller has issued an invoice.
You can try! We recommend utilizing our “Private Bid” tool under the listing, which allows you to negotiate both the price and quantity of your desired purchase. The seller then has the opportunity to reject, accept, or submit a counter-offer.
Visit We, or one of our qualified affiliate-partners, will reach out to help find what you need!
Yes! Go to your account, and follow the link that asks if you’d like to become a seller.


No, no, and no! Posting on GrapeConnect is free, and we do not take a commission. The only required payment would be PayPal’s fees if you elect to use that payment method –otherwise, the ‘Check’ and ‘Wire Transfer’ options are completely free to use!

Simply purchase Featured Listings right from the ‘Listings’ tab of your Dashboard. Featured Listings are $50 each, and run for 60 days.
Simply purchase Anonymous/Blind Listings right from the ‘Listings’ tab of your Dashboard. Anonymous/Blind Listings are $10 each, and run for 60 days.
No, but we encourage you to provide as much information as you can. We see a very high positive correlation between the amount of information on a listing and the amount of engagement that listing receives. That said, our basic requirements are that you provide 1) What you are selling, 2) Total Quantity, 3) Minimum quantity, 4) Price, and 5) Your required deposit percentage, if any.
Once the buyer initiates a deal proposal, a unique deal manager page will be created for you both. From there, easily add a contract, create invoices, and set milestones!

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