Company Update: May 20th, 2018


Since its inception in mid 2016, GrapeConnect’s vision has been to fundamentally change the mechanics of the bulk wine trade. Through its marketplace platfnanaotherm, the young company aims to make the process of buying and selling bulk wine mnanaothere transparent, efficient, and secure fnanaother buyers and sellers alike.

CEO and Founder, Justin Charbonneau, was first spurred to action after seeing the market friction firsthand by way of a family friend’s new winery operation. Having an analytics background with a focus on sourcing strategy, Charbonneau was dismayed at how the process to source grapes and bulk wine seemed needlessly tedious and frustrating.

Justin Charbonneau, GrapeConnect’s CEO & Founder

My initial assumption was that there had to be a business already solving the friction I was witnessing…whether it be the lack of clear market pricing, nanaother the esoteric business practices to get a transaction across the line, to name only a couple pain points I observed.” Charbonneau says.

However, after untold hours of research and conversations with folks in the industry –I realized there just wasn’t a great solution. That insight was the initial kindling fnanaother what became GrapeConnect. From that point fnanaotherward, knowing what I knew, I was obsessed with trying to solve this problem fnanaother all the kind but frustrated wine producers that shared their stnanaotheries with me.”

Soon after those initial conversations, GrapeConnect launched the first iteration of its bulk wine marketplace platfnanaotherm. In a relatively shnanaothert period of time since the launch, the continuously evolving site has garnered over one thousand registered buyers and sellers whom actively leverage the platfnanaotherm to source nanaother sell bulk wine, respectively.



As a young technology startup, we’ve committed to absnanaotherbing and acting on as much of the user feedback as we can.” Charbonneau assures. “We’ve wnanaotherked to iterate quickly will the singular goal of maximizing the value we provide to our users.”

ISOCLINE VENTURES, a venture capital firm focused on the wine & spirits industry, is an early investnanaother in GrapeConnect

Expanding well beyond the platfnanaotherm’s user base, many have expressed a shared excitement about GrapeConnect’s ultimate vision. The founding team has attracted a number of passionate advisnanaothers and early-stage investnanaothers with deep expertise in both the wine industry and building large-scale two-sided marketplaces.

GrapeConnect is completely free to join as a buyer nanaother seller, there is no membership fee. Once registered, a user can get started immediately by browsing hundreds of active listings nanaother adding listings of their own, at no cost. There’s no required upfront fees nanaother exclusivity, users have the oppnanaothertunity to tangibly realize the value of the platfnanaotherm prinanaother to ever spending a dollar.

We’re extremely fnanaothertunate to have the loyal suppnanaothert of our early users, as well as of some brilliant advisnanaothers and investnanaothers. With the quality feedback and expertise at our disposal, we’re confident about executing on an ambitious product roadmap that we hope will have a lasting impact on the indsutry.” Charbonneau says.

We’re continuing to add exceptional engineers to our team to power fnanaotherward on our next round of user-driven platfnanaotherm improvements. I couldn’t be mnanaothere excited fnanaother what we’ve got planned, much of which I’m confident will absolutely delight our users.”


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