Buyer Tips for Successful Deals

By Lara WhiteleyGrapeConnect Contributor


GrapeConnect platform features are designed with the needs of buyers and sellers in mind. The tips outlined below are based on common habits that GrapeConnects most successful and effective buyers utilize to track quality product and execute efficient transactions.

  • Minimum Order Quantity – This requirement, outlining the minimum amount a specific seller is willing to negotiate, is a tool to save the buyer time and energy when it comes to vetting potential deals. Heeding this minimum not only saves your potential provider money from sending out fruitless samples but also allows you the buyer to stay on track without wasting time meandering down a dead-end path.

Example of a listing with the minimum order quantity circled.

  • Daily Listing Emails & other tools – Buyers that have the most success on the GrapeConnect platform are those that utilize all methods at their disposal to track down that perfect lot. The ultimate trifecta – reviewing daily listing emails, site check-ins, and utilizing the GrapeConnect support team – ensures the buyer sees all options. The preference of receiving the daily listing email, located under a user’s setting, allows buyers to see product similar to searches they have conducted. An important note being that these emails will not include all new listings that have graced the site, rather just a subset of those recommended for you. This habit coupled with a routine site check allows successful buyers to not miss that big fish that may come down stream. The final piece of this triumvirate is to drop the GrapeConnect support team a quick line outlining your search so that we can funnel listings in your direction you may have overlooked

Preview of the location listing email alert preferences under the settings tab.

Sample Requests
  • Preplan –Two questions all successful buyers seemingly ask themselves – who will need to taste this sample? Are there other examples I would like to compare? Requesting the proper number of samples, dependent upon your organizations vetting style, is vital to save time and shipping cost. Additionally, when it comes to triangulating bulk wine, a few samples side by side can only up the chances of locating the final piece of your project’s puzzle. By utilizing the favorites feature, successful buyers keep all listings of interest in one place until time to submit sample requests. Requesting a few samples close together ensures the ability to taste a line up without exorbitant delays.

Example of a listing that has been saved as a favorite.

  • Communicate – Knowing what is needed before the need arises is arguably a trait of well-prepared professionals in any field. Do you need a lab report, breakdown of the oak regiment, or other pertinent information prior to finalizing a purchase? Send the seller a message! Proficient buyers send messages with questions and requests to sellers from the start gathering all needed information and keeping it all under the specific sample request manager for optimum organization.
Negotiating Deals
  • Sample Request Updates – A common trait of well-paced, successful deals are those that have both parties updated throughout the process. The platform allows status updates with a click of a button through personal email clients or the platform itself. Ensuring that each sample request manager is up to date keeps potential sellers abreast to the status of their sample while maintaining your seriousness as a buyer. This also allows GrapeConnect admin to step in if negotiations seem to be falling off the tracks based on non-updated sample requests.

Example of an in-progress sample request.

  • Reach out – Communication, undoubtedly the key to any successful relationship, is always best when it can be done with ease. Utilizing the platform’s on-site messaging functionality allows successful buyers to not only attach POs but also communicate directly with the seller for any other needs. Beyond buyer-seller communication, comes the support system that any user has at their disposal, the GrapeConnect team. We are here to help at any juncture to ensure you have every confidence in your bulk wine or grape purchase.

Example of an in-progress message with a document attached.


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