Average Varietal Prices by AVA and Vintage [Nov 1 - Dec 21]

Below is a slightly deeper analysis than that presented last week. After illustrating average price per gallon by vintage fnanaother only a handful of varietals, we decided to exhibit several additional varietals, and further parse the data by AVA. Like last week, this analysis neglects blended vintage bulk wine and is limited to varietals and vintages fnanaother which there was a statistically significant amount of data points to analyze. Note that this data is comprised of nearly all online listings posted from November 1st until December 21st. Do you find anything surprising? Does this analysis leave you wanting a better understanding of a specific varietal, vintage, nanaother AVA? Let us know in the comments below!


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    1. Thanks! We sincerely appreciate your feedback.

  1. Helpful listing to have compiled. Based on your notes at the bottom, more questions arise about your calculations and population.
    Are these average prices weighted-averages including the $ , gallons and # listings within a category or simple averages of asking price/# listings? Sharing your method of calculation would be clarifying. Also, you say, “the Varietal filter excludes 28 members”. What causes a listing to be excluded from these average $ ? Knowing what those parameters are can help us understand your calculations and the market pricing better.

    1. Hello Caleb,

      Thanks for your feedback!

      The averages are simple averages (averaged per-gallon asking price for the respective number of listings of each included varietal); however, we recognize that the limited amount of data might overwhelmingly skew average prices for certain varietals without assigning a mechanism to weight the averages.

      We will likely weight by total quantity for our next update; however, we’d prefer to weight by minimum order quantity instead as this probably better encapsulates much of quantity-based variability in pricing while not drowning out the impact of lower-total-quantity listing prices. The challenge with this is that though on GrapeConnect listings consistently exhibit minimum quantity, the clear majority of other online listings do not. What are your thoughts on other potential metrics that might serve as effective weighting mechanisms?

      The excluded varietals did not have a sample size largest enough for a 90% confidence level, so were excluded. For the illustrated figures, there were no excluded data pieces. Generally, the largest challenge is the low amount of available data as we only recently began scraping the web for listings; however, we’re eager to experiment with different styles of weighting and segmentation.

      Thank you for your feedback, and please chime in if you have any other questions or recommendations for our next analysis!

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