Average Online Price by Varietal [Nov 1 - Dec 7]

GrapeConnect is the first to aggregate all available online grape and bulk wine listings into a single location. The above is our first attempt to leverage the aggregated listing data to drive meaningful pricing insights. That said, there are a few severe limitations with this quick analysis.

Primary Issue: The listed varietals are not separated by vintage, region, nanaother any naother parameter. As we compile mnanaothere data in the coming months, we hope to not only display segregated analysis by vintage and region, but also build dynamic tools that allow you to understand how specific indicatnanaothers –like Residual Sugar, Titratable Acidity, and Volatile Acidity, influence prices.

Nonetheless, we hope that these quick averages prove to be a meaningful benchmark as you look to understand the current online listing landscape; below are the average varietal prices from the above graph repeated highest-to-lowest:


Petit Verdot $34.14 per Gallon
Cabernet Sauvignon $29.85 per Gallon
Malbec $24.83 per Gallon
Mourvedre $22.00 per Gallon
Cabernet Franc $21.50 per Gallon
Petite Sirah $20.58 per Gallon
Pinot Noir $20.04 per Gallon
Syrah $19.10 per Gallon
Sangiovese $17.13 per Gallon
Merlot $16.88 per Gallon
Grenache $16.67 per Gallon
Zinfandel $15.67 per Gallon
Tempranillo $15.60 per Gallon
Viognier $15.60 per Gallon
Pinot Gris $13.50 per Gallon
Chardonnay $13.09 per Gallon
Sauvignon Blanc $12.20 per Gallon
Blush $8.27 per Gallon
Riesling $7.53 per Gallon


What type of pricing analysis would be useful to you? Please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Can you also provide the quickest selling price per varietal ?

    1. Hi Malcolm,
      As we continue to accrue more listing data –and more importantly, transactional data– yes! We look forward to being able to lend insight into the price that most aligns with market demand at any given point in time. Thanks for your comment!

      -GrapeConnect Team

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