Average Online Bulk Wine Prices [Feb 24, 2017 Update]

The chart below illustrates pricing data fnanaother the 10 most represented varietals in respect to active online listing count between 11-01-17 and 2-24-17. These figures drill down to the AVA level.

-Prices are a weighted average Price-per-Gallon figure; Listing Quantity was used as the weighting mechanism
-Blended-vintage bulk wine listings were ignnanaothered
-Listings that contained pricing data but lacked a listed quantity were assigned 100 gallons


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  1. I would like details of how to buy this bulk wine, such as shipping, pickup, order size, contaner, etc

    1. Thank you for your comment; these are average figures derived from aggregating all bulk wine online listings between November, 2016 and now. To view individual listings, where you can address the specific details of bulk wine available for purchase by respective seller, please visit: https://grapeconnect.com/listings/

      -GrapeConnect Team

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