Average Grape Pricing by U.S. Appellation [2018 Harvest]

The chart below includes pricing data for the 25 most represented varietals in respect to online listing count from 1/01/18 until 9/26/18; it shows average per-ton pricing by AVA for the 2018 harvest.

-Pricing data aggregated from GrapeConnect and other major online classifieds
-Advertised prices not final-transacted prices
-Prices are a weighted average Price-per-Ton figure; Listing Quantity was used as the weighting mechanism
-Listings that contained pricing data but lacked a listed quantity were assigned a 10 ton assumption

If you have any thoughts on the below chart, or wish to provide general feedback or recommendations, please leave us a comment below! (For a printable, multi-page PDF version of the below table: please email us at support@grapeconnect.com).


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  1. This summary is very helpful for me. I’d like to print a copy of this list, but I’m having some difficulty. Any suggestions? /Dan Fulton

    1. Hi Dan, thanks for your message! We’re glad the post is helpful.

      We’ve emailed you a printable multi-page PDF version of the report, please let us know if you run into any further trouble.


      1. Cold you send me a printable report as well?

        thanks so much!

        Lauren Ackerman

  2. Hi, could you email me a PDF also? Thank you!

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    Could I get a pdf? This is a great summary. Thanks!

  4. HI, Could you please send me a pdf of this report?
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