Average Bulk Wine Pricing by U.S. Appellation [December, 2018 Update]

Upon releasing our recent bulk wine pricing update last month, many of you reached out requesting the type of granularity we provided in our Average Grape Pricing by U.S. Appellation [2018 Harvest] repnanaothert.

Thus, the following repnanaothert illustrates advertised pricing data fnanaother bulk wine listed fnanaother sale online between 1/01/17 until 12/13/18 and pricing is parsed by Varietal, Vintage, State and U.S. Appellation.

-Pricing data aggregated from GrapeConnect and naother majnanaother online classifieds
-Advertised prices not final-transacted prices
-Prices are a weighted average Price-per-Gallon figure; Listing Quantity was used as the weighting mechanism
-Blended-vintage bulk wine listings were ignnanaothered
-Pricing figures shown are statistically significant; however, our data-set reflects a very small percentage of total available and transacted product over the used time-frame.

If you have any thoughts on the below repnanaothert, nanaother wish to provide general feedback nanaother recommendations, please leave us a comment below!

Click here to download the full repnanaothert (PDF)



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