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  • GrapeConnect’s innovative marketplace platform has expanded our E.A.C.S. network of potential buyers, while enabling us to source more bulk wines, case-goods and grape products for our winery clients . . . and they’re able to do so, more quickly and cost-effectively than any other player in this space.   The tools and data insights which GrapeConnect delivers, nicely compliment the value of our consulting placement brokerage services.

    Gerald Stidham

  • I signed up with GrapeConnect earlier this year to market grapes.  It was a very easy process and I was particularly happy when I got a response!  It is exciting that GrapeConnect, using technological innovation, is pushing the grape and bulk wine industry forward by knocking down traditional sourcing barriers, particularly the cost of advertising.  I am excited to see the innovation that GrapeConnect brings to this market, providing not only a marketplace, but an analytics data platform from which all clients will gain industry data. Buyers and sellers will both gain from additional market information.

    Alice Jack Sierra de Montserrat Vineyards

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