We’ve Shut Down.

Dear Valued GrapeConnect Member,

We want to thank you for your enduring support over the last few years as we’ve pursued our mission of making the grape and bulk wine trade more accessible, secure and streamlined. It’s with a heavy heart that we must share that as of March 01, 2020, the GrapeConnect platform will cease being operational. It has been a delight to work with each of you, we are honored and humbled that you came on this journey with us.

We regret any disruption that this may cause to you or your business but are here to make this transition as painless as possible. Though you can no longer log into your account, we welcome you to reach out to us at any time before March 31, 2020 if you wish to retrieve a copy of your account data. We have ceased all billing for our paid membership plans, you will no longer be charged moving forward if you were a paid Basic or Pro plan subscriber. We have additionally issued refunds for unused subscription-time to any users that elected to be billed annually.

We’re immensely proud of what we were able to achieve as a team, despite this ultimate outcome. We’re grateful to you, and all our members, for bestowing your time and trust in us. We wish you the absolute best, and please don’t hesitate to if you have any questions, if we can be of service, or you’d simply like to stay connected.
Justin Charbonneau
Founder & CEO
Mikus Sleiners

We Understand You May Have Questions

We’re hear to make the transition as seamless as possible, below are answers to a few questions we anticipate from our members.

Unfortunately, we will no longer be compiling and publishing any Grape and Bulk Wine Market Pricing Reports. However, you can still access all prior reports and other published blog content here.

Nope, you’re all set. We have ceased all billing for our paid plans, you will no longer be charged moving forward. We have additionally issued refunds to any users that elected to be billed annually for unused subscription-time.

Simply by March 31, 2020 with your data request, we’ll be happy to provide you a .csv export of your respective GrapeConnect account data.

Please shoot us an if you have any further questions or need assistance, we’re here to help.

Continue to Access Our Blog Posts & Prior Market Pricing Reports

We hope our Market Pricing Reports and other blog content provide enduring value for those that depend on the bulk wine and grape trade

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Our Vision Was to be The Wholesale Marketplace Platform for the Grape & Bulk Wine Trade

Thank you for be a part of our journey to supercharge sales, sourcing, and analytics for wine companies that depend on the bulk wine & grape trade.


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